How much does it cost?
Zero! The StandUP Wireless Lifeline Program costs nothing to enroll, and nothing to pay each month! We even give you the phone for free and waive our normal activation fee.

If you want more minutes than what is provided in the Free Lifeline plan, you can choose one our enhance Lifeline plans where you receive more minutes/texts each month for a discounted rate.

  How many minutes do I get each month?
The StandUP Wireless Free Lifeline Plan includes 500 anytime minutes and 100 texts and 50MB of data each month. If you need more minutes, you can buy additional anytime minutes or select one of our premium Lifeline Plans   
  What if I need more minutes each month?
You can add minutes anytime by purchasing additional airtime or you can choose one of our Premium Lifeline plans that increase your pool of available airtime each month. These prepaid plans are discounted by the subsidy available for your state and provide tremendous value. Click here to view our Premium Lifeline plans.
  What if I don't use all of my minutes/texts in a given month?
StandUP Wireless service plans do not roll over. Premium plan allotments expire at the end of each Monthly Service Period. Purchased minutes (Top-up) expire 90 days after purchase.
  Is there a contract?
NO! StandUP Wireless never requires a contract. Click here to apply right now!
  What other features do I get with my StandUP Wireless Service?
All StandUP Wireless plans include:
 • Caller ID
 • Call Waiting
 • Voicemail
 • 3 Way Calling (additional airtime charges apply)
  Can I use my current cell phone number with StandUP Wireless?
No. At this time we cannot port your cell number (or wireline number) to StandUP Wireless. You must use the number provided when you activate your service.