Network Coverage

Introducing our newest, most powerful signal. No signal goes farther or is more reliable. More Towers! More Engineers! More Coverage!

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  • What is StandUp Wireless’ 600 MHz signal?
    600 MHz is StandUp Wireless newest, most powerful signal. No other signal is better for outdoor or in-building coverage, and StandUp Wireless offers more 600 MHz than any other carrier. It’s the same signal that will form the foundation for StandUp Wireless’ future 5G network.
  • What does my device have to do with coverage?

    Not all devices have the same capabilities. Older devices weren’t built to take advantage of the network we have today. For example, if you don’t have a device with Band 12 (700 MHz), you won’t be able to take advantage of StandUp Wireless’ Extended Range LTE. For more information, check out our StandUp Wireless Coverage Map to see what kind of coverage you can expect where you live, work, and play with the device you’re using.

  • What is Extended Range LTE?

    Our Extended Range LTE signal goes 2x further and is 4x better in buildings than before. To ensure you can take advantage of the enhanced signal strength and coverage, you need a capable device.

  • What will 5G enable me to do in the future?

    5G mobile networks are set to enable one of the biggest tech transformations in history, with incredibly low latency, very high bandwidth and sensors capable of decade-long battery life. At StandUp Wireless, we will put 5G mobility to work for our customers, like we always have with new technologies. Our focus is on all the exciting ways 5G mobility will revolutionize our lives.