Standup Wireless Change Phone Number

Standup Wireless Phone Number Port

When you switch to StandUp Wireless, your phone isn’t the only thing you bring along. You can bring your number too, so it’s easy to stay connected to your family, friends, and important contacts. Follow these steps and give us a call!

StandUp Wireless
Handy things to have before you begin:
  • Account Holder’s Full Name
  • Current Account Number
  • Account PIN or Password

Step 1

Keep your account with the old carrier active until your phone number port is complete with StandUp Wireless.

Step 2

Have your account number, and account PIN or password ready when you call Customer Care.

Step 3

Call 1-800-544-4441 (or 611 from your StandUp phone) and ask the customer care agent to help you port your phone number to start the process.

Step 4

Wait the time frame given by your StandUp Wireless agent, and then reboot your phone. Try to make and receive a phone call. You should be good to go! Give us a call if you run into a problem.


Account Number and Password/PIN required for moving a number is not usually the same as the login and password for a website with your old company.