Success Stories

What Our Customers and Community Partners are Saying

StandUp Wireless has been a tremendous partner for Life Learning Center supporting our candidates. Individuals we serve come to us with a variety of needs and obligations. Through this collaboration, critical support services are at their fingertips. Our mission here at the Life Learning Center is to deliver a holistic, integrated continuum of learning and care to help our 'at-risk' citizens reach their highest potential. With StandUp Wireless’ support and connectivity, their highest potential is now within reach!

Alecia W
Life Learning Center President (Covington, Ky.)

StandUp Wireless provides an invaluable service for the community by making it easier for our members to obtain phones to connect with us as well as the world around us. While we prepare our members for their job search, they are able to communicate directly with employers to follow up on applications and arrange interviews. In addition, they remain connected to loved ones by using the StandUp Wireless mobile phone service to talk and text.

Martha N
Professional Development Coach at Cincinnati Works

Our participants’ recovery depends on continued physical and mental health care, and the relationships they build with their peers. I want to thank StandUp Wireless for supporting this underserved population and ensuring our participants continue to have access to free smart phone service with free minutes to boot. They are able to continue their physical and mental care via telehealth services, online job searches and interviews, and Zoom meetings and activities with their Open Door Clubhouse peers three times a week. They are very excited and grateful.

Sandie M
Program Director of COMHAR Open Door Clubhouse (Philadelphia)

Without a way to contact our participants, our work in housing and supporting folks experiencing homelessness to live fulfilling lives becomes much more difficult. Having StandUp Wireless’ services and the support of their team to provide our participants with phones when they cannot afford them but desperately need them is invaluable. We’ve been able to connect with individuals with whom it would be otherwise next to impossible to have regular contact as a result of their having reliable phone service, and because of that we’ve been able to provide housing, restore health, and reclaim lives.

Ashlyn C
Substance Use Specialist at Pathways to Housing PA (Philadelphia)

I would like to express how receiving the Lifeline phone has been helpful to me.

  • It has helped me with my job search
  • It will help me stay in contact with my employer, which will help me keep my job
  • The Lifeline phone will help me keep in contact with my family and support system
  • I’ve used my phone to help get directions when my sister and I were on the road
  • I’m quite pleased at the good reception
  • My sister and I were able to research a product we were shopping for while we were shopping
  • And of course, it is a great tool to help promote my safety

We’re living in remote times, and receiving a Lifeline cell phone is, well, a Lifeline.

North Range Behavioral Health (Greeley, CO)

I found good quality phones, great customer service, and very helpful people. StandUp has proved to me they care about the customers they provide service for. It's not just an efficient phone, it's a good quality phone. StandUp will be my last Lifeline provider. This is a really great company.

Darrell H.
Client (KY)