StandUp Wireless Now Offering Service in New York


NEW YORK – StandUp Wireless, a federal Lifeline provider in 31 states and territories, announced today that it is now operating in the state of New York, allowing qualified New Yorkers to gain access to affordable voice and cellular data services so they can stay connected while staying safe.


The COVID-19 pandemic, high unemployment rates and social distancing orders have made access to reliable voice and internet service more important than ever as Americans look to stay connected to job opportunities, family, friends, medical care and social service agencies.


StandUp Wireless fills the communications gap for Americans in need by offering free cell phone service to qualifying low-income Americans through the federal government’s Lifeline program. StandUp Wireless plans offer at least 1,000 minutes, unlimited texting and 3 GB of data every month.  


StandUp Wireless offers an easy-to-use online portal for enrollment and SIM kits that ship to customers in a matter of days. Customers can sign up with their current phone and keep their current number or buy a new phone from StandUp Wireless.


“Talk and text are critical in today’s digital economy,” said Eric Schimpf, chief operating officer at StandUp Wireless. “All Americans deserve access to these services so they can stay connected to family and loved ones, jobs and doctors. Especially throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen these services are critical to the well-being of those that need it most.”


Based out of Norcross, Ga., StandUp Wireless has a mission to keep communities connected by providing wireless access to those who need it most. As a Lifeline provider, StandUp Wireless is authorized by the Federal Communication Commission and approved by the state of New York to provide free and affordable wireless service to qualifying citizens who participate in programs such as Medicaid and SNAP, or based on household income. The Lifeline program allows one qualifying line per eligible household. New York residents can find out if they qualify for the program at


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About StandUp Wireless

For nearly 20 years, StandUp Wireless has connected hundreds of thousands of customers to what matters most, serving as a lifeline to family, employment opportunities, friends, healthcare providers and more. Licensed by the FCC, which administers the Lifeline program in 31 states and territories, StandUp Wireless operates on the nation’s largest and fastest 5G network to bring free wireless cellphone and internet services to low-income Americans.  For more information, visit