Does Buc-ee’s Accept SNAP, EBT, or Food Stamps?

This information is current as of July 6, 2002.

Buc-ee’s has been around since the early 1980s and has many country stores and gas stations throughout the southeastern United States. It is a mecca for travelers and regular customers alike.

Buc-ee’s is open 24 hours a day and offers breakfast and made-to-order lunches at most locations. They also provide plenty of other goodies, including baked goods, fudge, and beef jerky.

But what about payment? Sure, they accept cash, credit, and debit cards, but what about SNAP OR EBT benefits?

Does Buc-ee’s Accept SNAP, EBT, or Food Stamps?

Buc-ee’s does accept SNAP OR EBT benefits at their authorized locations. You can use your benefits to purchase fruits and vegetables, bread, juice, and most other things you can buy in a regular grocery store.

This article will detail Buc-ee’s and what you can and cannot purchase there with your SNAP OR EBT benefits.

What Exactly Are SNAP OR EBT Benefits?

SNAP benefits and EBT cards are a form of food assistance from the United States government that has been around since the early 2000s.

SNAP and EBT is an updated version of the Food Stamps program. Folks no longer must carry around food stamps with them. Instead, they have a preloaded card that they can use like a debit card.

Another form of assistance is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF benefits. TANF is another form of EBT benefits. TANF gives families some flexibility when purchasing items, allowing them to buy some household items in addition to food.

TANF also allows you to withdraw cash from an ATM with your bank card. This cash can be used to make non-food purchases from Buc-ee’s and other retailers.

What Is Buc-ee’s?

You may not have heard of Buc-ee’s if you reside in the northeast. However, those who know Buc-ee’s LOVE it. The retailer has a cult-like following with fans all over the world.

Located throughout the southeastern United States, Buc-ee’s is a chain of convenience stores with gas stations. They can be found in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Kentucky

Developments are also in the works for other locations, including:

  • Missouri
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • Iowa
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana

The first store opened in Texas in 1982 and expanded in 2001, opening its first travel center.

The store offers several fueling stations, food, and other novelties. The company’s New Braunfels, Texas, location is the largest convenience store in the world at 68,000 square feet!

Does Buc-ee’s Accept SNAP, EBT, or Food Stamps?

Buc-ee’s accepts SNAP or EBT benefits or Food Stamps at all its 1900 locations throughout the United States.

What Is Buc-ee’s Store Policy Regarding SNAP or EBT?

All Buc-ee’s stores allow customers to use their SNAP or EBT benefits, and most use WIC labels to help them understand what they can and can’t purchase.

An alternate payment is needed for items not eligible for EBT.

You can also return any items bought with an EBT card if it falls under the retailer’s 90-day return policy. Your card with either be credited, or you may get a store credit. You can also exchange the item for an identical one.

What Can You Buy at Buc-ee’s With SNAP or EBT?

Your EBT card will pay for healthy, essential groceries that are generally covered under the EBT program, such as:

  • Milk
  • Cereal
  • Meats and Poultry
  • Pasta and rice
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Yogurt and Cheese
  • Banned Beans
  • Grains, such as whole wheat grains
  • Non-carbonated juices
  • Peanut butter
  • Soy and tofu products

What Can’t I Buy at Buc-ee’s With My SNAP OR EBT Benefits?

As with any retailer that accepts EBT benefits, there are limitations on what can be purchased. The following are some of those items:

  • Supplements, vitamins, and medications
  • Beer, wine, liquor, and other spirits
  • Cigarettes or other tobacco products
  • Live animals such as lobster or shellfish
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Hot, prepared meals
  • Pet supplies
  • Paper products
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Cosmetics

How to Use SNAP OR EBT Benefits at Buc-ee’s

It’s simple. Separate your EBT-eligible goods from your regular items. When paying for your food items, swipe your EBT card and enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

A supervisor may require you to provide photo identification to verify your identity before paying. This helps protect you from fraud.

Any amount purchased with SNAP or EBT is deducted from your monthly cash allowance.

Additional items you want to buy can be purchased with another form of payment, such as cash or a debit card. Hang on to your receipt, which will help prevent mischarges and give you your EBT balance. You may also need it for any returns.

Does Buc-ee’s Allow SNAP or EBT Benefits for Online Purchases?

Currently, Buc-ee’s doesn’t allow EBT cards for online purchases. You can’t use EBT benefits to pay for curbside pickup or delivery. You can only use your benefits to purchase in-store items in person.

Will the Cashier at Buc-ee’s Know I’m Using SNAP or EBT?

The cashiers at any retailer will know you’re using your SNAP benefits as they need to process the transaction as such. But rest assured, using benefits is more common than you think, so please don’t feel at all uncomfortable.

The cashier also needs to know what form of payment you use to check the scanner to note which items are eligible.

Can Customers Use SNAP or EBT at Self-Checkout?

They sure do! Customers can easily use their EBT cards at any self-checkout at Buc-ee’s, just like a debit card.

Some customers prefer this as the register automatically calculates the items eligible for EBT as you scan them. And you also have the comfort of knowing that you can discreetly use your card if you are intimidated by using it with a cashier.

Can Customers Use SNAP or EBT to Purchase Gas at Buc-ee’s?

Just as you would not be able to use your benefits to purchase gas at any other retailer, you cannot use your benefit card to buy gas at Buc-ee’s.

However, you can withdraw money from the ATM with your card if your policy allows it. You can then use that cash to purchase gas at Buc-ee’s.

What if I Accidentally Use My SNAP or EBT Benefits for Nonapproved Items?

Accidents happen. You will want to be careful that you don’t accidentally purchase something that SNAP or EBT does not approve of. Often, the government can penalize you for doing so.

They can institute a ban on your SNAP or EBT benefit plan from three months to two years for repeat offenses. So be careful!


Buc-ee’s stores offer a lot of conveniences for their customers, from food to gas, to novelties. Buc-ee’s also allows its customers to use their EBT cards to purchase approved food items.

You cannot use your benefits card for online purchases, delivery, or gas at Buc-ee’s.

As with most retailers that accept SNAP or EBT benefits, you cannot purchase any tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, or alcohol with your benefits at Buc-ee’s

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