Free or Cheap Wedding Gowns and Dresses

This information is current as of June 26, 2022.

Your wedding is a beautiful event that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. While many weddings can cost an arm and a leg, there are ways to get married and have fun on a budget. Therefore, we’ve come up with 7 ideas for free or cheap wedding gowns for your very own wedding!

Free or Cheap Wedding Gowns and Dresses

This article will discuss getting a free wedding gown through relatives or friends, online marketplaces, contests, or service for military members or wives. We’ll also discuss how to find a cheap wedding dress through foreign stores, your own job, or local second-hand shops. 

Let’s get this wedding party started!

Free Weddings Gowns

Getting a free wedding gown isn’t easy, but it is possible. Here are seven ways you can try to snag a free dress for your special day.

1.    From a Relative or Friend

Once you get engaged, it’s time to spread the news. When you let your friends and family know about your wedding plans, mention that you’re looking for a second-hand, cheap, or free dress. You’d be surprised who may offer to give or lend you theirs.

If those in your social circle aren’t married, they may be able to reach out to someone they know on your behalf. Of course, you should either be a similar size to this person or be able to get the dress altered before the special day.

2.    Browse Online Marketplaces

You’d be surprised what people give away for free online. From complete furniture sets to wedding dresses, you can find plenty for free if you can pick it up.

Some of the best websites for this are Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

3.    Enter a Contest

There are plenty of websites that upload consistent wedding contests, sweepstakes, and competitions for newlywed freebies. You’ll be able to find free dresses, as well as honeymoons, home appliances, save-the-dates, flowers, and more.

Simply Google “wedding contests and giveaways” and check out the first few links. Websites are usually updated weekly or monthly, so stay on the lookout for wedding dress contests or giveaways.

For example, here are a few active wedding giveaways with various prizes for summer 2022:

4.    Wedding Gowns for Servicewomen or Military Wives

Brides Across America has gifted over 26,000 wedding dresses to military and first-responder brides across the U.S.

First, you’ll need to qualify as either a military bride or a first responder. Then, you’ll register for an upcoming giveaway event. These are usually held in July and November. Finally, you’ll attend your event and be able to get your wedding dress that same day!

Cheap Wedding Gowns

In addition to some free options, there are many more ways to find an affordable wedding dress for less. From second-hand stores to online shops, you’ll be surprised at the prices of some of these beauties.

1.    Second-Hand Stores

Wedding dresses are usually worn for a few hours and then never again. If you can find a design you like that’s lightly used at a second-hand store, you’re in luck. Some of these dresses can be easily found for under $100, plus the cost you’ll need to cover to alter the dress if it isn’t your size.

Your best bet is to check second-hand stores frequently in winter. Fall weddings are currently the most popular in the U.S., which means many dresses may be donated the following season. 

There are plenty of second-hand physical stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army and online stores like StillWhite and Nearly Newlywed.

2.    Online Foreign Retailers

While some people can defend spending thousands on a designer name, most wedding dresses are made with the same material, regardless of the brand. Because of labor laws and other factors, many U.S. companies have their products made overseas, then sell them at insanely altered prices back in the U.S.

Therefore, you can still purchase an affordable and beautiful dress from many foreign manufacturers for a fraction of the cost of U.S. manufacturers. All you need is to order the dress directly abroad.

Choosing a dress online isn’t as easy as choosing one in person, but you can use customer reviews and the size guide to make sure you choose one you’ll like.

In many cases, these dresses can cost less than $100. Popular websites you can start browsing include JJ’s House, SHEIN, and

3.    Working for a Retail Store

This one is not always doable, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Think about getting a seasonal position at a retail store that sells wedding dresses. You may be able to get a dress at a low cost, borrow it for free, or even have it gifted to you if your boss is generous enough.

Most of the time, you’ll at least receive a generous employee discount. As a plus, you’ll also be able to eye the inventory before it hits the rack, which gives you first dibs!

Final Thoughts

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable, and you should feel just as special. Don’t let the alleged event cost fool you – there are plenty of ways to have an economical wedding and still have the time of your life.

Be sure to speak to your loved ones, check online marketplaces, and enter a few contests to try and get a free wedding dress. If that doesn’t work, turn to second-hand shops or foreign retailers to snag your wedding dress at an affordable price.

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