How to Get a Free iPad Legally

This information is current as of June 23, 2022.

Could you use an iPad to work, study, or browse online? High-end iPads could easily cost hundreds of dollars, but today we’re learning how to get a free iPad legally.

How to get a free iPad legally.

Suppose you’re on a tight budget and don’t make much annually. In that case, you may be able to get a free or almost free iPad or tablet through Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a government grant, or a non-profit organization. 

Read on to learn how to get a free iPad!

Free iPads Through Lifeline and ACP

Lifeline is a government program for low-income residents that covers some or all of their monthly phone bills. Most Lifeline benefits are $9.25 per month or up to $34.25 per month if you live on Tribal lands.

ACP pays up to $30 per month towards high-speed internet for a computer, laptop, tablet, or another device and contributes up to $100 if you plan to buy a computer or tablet.

Applying for Lifeline and ACP

You may be eligible for Lifeline if you already receive SNAP, SSI, Public Housing, or other government benefits. You can also qualify if your household has a low annual salary – 135% or less of the federal poverty standards.

Once you check your eligibility, apply for Lifeline through the official website. You’ll need to enter personal details about you and your household and provide supporting documents to show your income and participation in another program. Proof of income can be pay stubs, tax returns, or an official letter from the program.

To be eligible for ACP, you must make 200% or less of the federal poverty guidelines. If you qualify for Lifeline, you’ll automatically qualify for ACP. You’re also eligible if you’ve received a Pell Grant that year or participate in another government assistance program.

Once eligible, you can call an ACP-accepting provider to enroll. This same provider may also accept your Lifeline benefits since internet and phone services are often sold as a bundle. You can use both ACP and Lifeline benefits at the same time.

Getting Your iPad

Now that you have both Lifeline and ACP services, it’s time to enroll with your preferred provider. Some providers even offer a free iPad or tablet upon enrolling with Lifeline and ACP. These companies include:

Once you have your ACP benefits up and rolling (potentially along with your Lifeline benefits), contact the ACP Support Center at 877-384-2575. A representative should be able to set you up with your $100 credit towards a tablet or iPad. If your respective company offers you the tablet, they may take care of this part for you.

Remember, ACP will pay up to $100 for your iPad, but you must pay at least $10.01, but less than $50, towards the purchase price. You could purchase a 4th generation iPad, iPad Mini, or iPad Mini 2 through the ACP benefit.

Free iPad Through a Grant

Government grants are financial rewards by the federal, state, or local government. Typically, the government funds specific projects that help a cause or group of people. You can apply to receive a tablet or iPad from a grant-funded organization.

For example, some organizations can provide tablets to children or students. You’ll need to apply and be selected. 

  • Danny’s Wish: These iPads are for children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum who come from low-income families. Households must make less than $75,000 per year. You must have access to a computer to apply.
  • Daniela’s Wish: This is for children in need of a smile. You can fill out the “Wish Referral Form.” If you/your child is selected, they will receive their wish – in this case, an iPad!
  • Cerner Charitable Foundation: You can ask for a grant from this charity if an iPad or tablet would help your child’s medical condition. For example, it could help with communication skills or learning if your child has a related diagnosis.

Here, you can find more resources, especially for children with medical conditions or adults with special needs.

Free iPad Through a Non-Profit

While some non-profits receive government grants, others pool their money and resources from charitable donations. You may be able to access a free iPad or tablet through things like local churches, libraries, school systems, or online markets.

While churches don’t just give away free iPads, many religious organizations find ways to give back to their community. If you speak with someone at your local parish or church and explain your needs, you never know if someone might have a gently used iPad or tablet, they are open to gifting.

Local libraries also have bulletin boards where you can post local petitions. Post what you’re looking for and see if anyone responds to your request.

Additionally, if you need a tablet for your child, reach out to their school system. While they may not be able to give you a tablet, many districts have tablets they can lend so that your child can use them at home for studying and entertainment – they will have to return them at the end of the school year.

Finally, you can keep checking local online markets like eBay or Facebook Marketplace for cheap iPads or tablets. While these usually aren’t free, you can sometimes snag a used, older model for quite a bargain.

Final Thoughts

Few things in life are free, so if you have the chance to get a free iPad or tablet, go for it! Free tablets are available for low-income Americans through Lifeline and ACP, government grants, or non-profit organizations.

Lifeline and ACP are for low-income households. You’ll have to contribute around $10 towards the total tablet or iPad cost, but ACP will cover another $100.

Government grants are available for low-income families, especially those who include students (minors or adults) or disabled dependents.

Finally, plenty of non-profits can help or supply tablets to low-income families, but you’ll have to demonstrate your need for this device.

Don’t wait – get after your free iPad today!

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