In-Home Care Programs for Veterans

For many veterans returning to civilian life, living at home can prove more difficult than it was before enlisting into the military. In these situations, such difficulties may be caused by medical situations that arise during service or post-service that require ongoing medical treatment or care. The good news is that veterans who find themselves eligible for benefit programs through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can receive a wide range of medical services for free or for a reduced price to assist in everyday life.

Some veterans who are living with a disability or chronic illness may have challenges with transportation, and in-home care programs for veterans can provide critical support in these situations. With most veteran in-home care programs, a nurse or otherwise qualified person overseen by a nurse will assess the daily needs of the veteran while providing necessary tools and resources on an as-needed basis.

In this article, we will talk about a few of the in-home care programs available for U.S. veterans. Read on to learn about programs designed to provide a comfortable lifestyle for those who have served within the U.S. Military.

Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care Program

For veterans who need help with simple or intricate daily tasks, Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care is a phenomenal resource to consider. The Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care program works directly with the VA to reach as many veterans as possible with the goal of greatly improving the lives of those that have served our country. Home Health Aides and Homemakers work alongside registered nurses to effectively assist the veteran with activities or chores that may prove difficult for the veteran to accomplish on their own.

Having a Homemaker or Home Health Aid assist the veteran in their own home is a great alternative to a nursing home or assisted living community, one that is preferred by many veterans who would rather stay in the comfort and familiarity of home. This program is available to veterans of all ages and can be combined with other existing VA Home and Community Based Services based on individual needs. Eligibility requirements differ by location, and it’s important to note that many locations require the veteran to pay a co-pay for their Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care services.

Some of the services available to veterans through the Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care program include but are not limited to:

  • Getting dressed
  • Using the bathroom/bathing
  • Brushing teeth/shaving/etc.
  • Personal shopping
  • Eating

VetAssist Program

The VetAssist Program is another popular program endorsed by the VA, one aimed at reducing the costs of in-home care for veterans who require help with everyday life. VetAssist is run by Veterans Home Care, and they know the application process for the Aid & Attendance Program through the VA can be a long grueling process. In the time it takes to be approved for that program, situations can change requiring a redetermination of services.

The Vet Assist program provides a one-time 0% interest loan to eligible veterans who require immediate in-home care based on their specific needs. This loan is aimed to fill the gap between when veterans apply for the Aid & Attendance Program and when they start receiving benefits.

The VetAssist Program helps veterans with the entire application process from start to finish and is directly responsible for helping over 19,000 veterans to date and educating them on the services available to them. VetAssist ensures veterans will start receiving care quickly while still working to have all expenses covered by various VA programs specifically designed to provide in-home care for veterans.

Even after the veteran in question has been approved for benefits through the VA, VetAssist continues to monitor each individual situation and assist them with any other areas they may need help with such as filing additional paperwork, keeping track of medical forms, and making a daily schedule to ensure veterans are receiving the daily care they require. Services provided by the VetAssist program, along with filing for the Aid & Attendance program, include helpful gestures such as:

  • Transportation
  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping/laundry
  • Personal hygiene awareness/getting dressed
  • Daily tasks
  • Respite care

Home-Based Primary Care Program

Veterans who have trouble leaving the house to attend doctor’s appointments or other medically related appointments can benefit greatly from the Home-Based Primary Care Program, another program offered by the VA in hopes to better the lives of veterans all over the country. This program strives to provide veterans with all their regular health care services without ever having to leave the house. Veterans who are disabled or have a complex medical history who are unable to attend in-person services rely on this program greatly to help them live a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

All veterans who are enrolled in the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package through the VA are eligible to receive Home-Based Primary Care, although a co-pay may be required based on the individual’s disability rating and financial situation.

The Home-Based Primary Care Program is specifically designed for veterans who have complex medical issues preventing them from being able to receive vital services in person. These needs are first assessed by the VA to determine which services are necessary based on the veteran’s personal situation. Treatments and services are then scheduled immediately to get on the right track towards a better living situation. Advanced services offered through the Home-Based Primary Care Program include:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Pharmacy assistance
  • Care management
  • Mental health support
  • Primary care visits

Respite Care Program

When a family member goes out of town or is otherwise unable to stay with their loved one for a short time, the Respite Care Program ensures that the veteran receives support and is not left alone in a house or assisted living community. Respite Care pays for a physician or trained professional to keep the veteran company and assist them with daily chores or tasks. Home Respite Care allows the veteran to remain in their own home while their caregiver is away or may help the veteran transition into an adult care facility for the day.

If a caregiver or family needs to leave town for a couple of days or an extended period, the veteran can receive Nursing Home Respite Care that permits the veteran to reside in a VA Community Living Center or community nursing home. This ensures the veteran will have constant support but can only be used for a maximum number of 30 days annually.

Respite care allows caregivers and family members to take a short vacation or attend to their own families without having to worry about the safety of their loved ones. Much like other VA programs, Respite Care can be combined with other VA Home and Community based programs to effectively maximize available benefits. Examples of services available to veterans through Respite Care include:

  • Having a paid Home Health Aid come to the veteran’s house
  • Having the veteran attend an Adult Day Health Care Center
  • Having the veteran temporarily relocate to a nursing home

In-Home Health Care Programs: You Have Options

Whether a veteran needs 24/7 assistance with everyday life or regular check-ups taken place in their own home, the VA has a variety of support programs available. As with all VA veteran benefits programs, eligibility requirements, application processing time, and service details vary state by state. In order to receive the most accurate information regarding your region’s program details, be sure to visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website or contact your local VA office. Being aware of the programs available to veterans is the first step towards living a more comfortable lifestyle for years to come.

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