Internet For Low-Income Seniors

Staying connected to loved ones is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially later in life. Being able to afford internet access can add to the stress of everyday life despite your income level.

For low-income seniors, there is hope out there! Many organizations and internet providers go above and beyond to provide reliable internet access for all. Not only do low-income seniors have access to affordable internet, but they may also qualify for a free computer along with training classes to help acclimate to the new online world.

Who Qualifies?

If you are a low-income senior who already receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, chances are you are already eligible to receive internet assistance! These benefits are typically given to anyone 65 or older with limited income and resources, along with individuals who are disabled or blind.

If you are not enrolled to receive SSI benefits, you may still qualify! If you are receiving other forms of government aid such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), or are veterans receiving public assistance, you can still qualify for cheap internet plans from many sources.

Internet Assistance Programs For Low-Income Seniors

  • Internet Essentials By Comcast
  • FCC’s Lifeline Program
  • Altice SuddenLink / Optimum
  • Internet First

Internet Essentials By Comcast

Comcast recognizes the need for high-speed internet access, especially during a worldwide pandemic. Comcast’s Internet Essentials program allows low-income seniors to stay connected to friends and family with an affordable internet package.

This program is available to individuals that are already enrolled in one or multiple government assistance programs. Bad or no credit? No problem! Comcast does not do a credit check when determining eligibility, and they do not require signing a contract so that you can end your service at any point. Comcast offers affordable high-speed internet access for $10 a month, including at-home wifi and a free computer!

Computer training classes are included with the monthly fee to ensure seniors are well adapted to their new technology.

Lifeline Program

The Lifeline program is an initiative run by the Federal Communications Commission to help low-income seniors and families receive access to a wireless or wired phone line and internet capabilities. Many seniors will automatically be approved for the Lifeline program based on multiple criteria. Much like other similar programs, if you are already receiving benefits from a long list of government-sponsored programs, the Lifeline program is readily available for you.

Each month, a $9.25 credit is issued to all eligible candidates to put towards a discounted cell phone or internet plan. Based on your area code, you can use this credit from Lifeline to help pay for your internet package from your desired provider. Lifeline wireless subscribers can access the internet for free with their free monthly data.  They can also use their Lifeline phone to tether to a laptop for free. This program is perfect for low-income seniors who do not wish to switch internet or cell phone providers but still need assistance to afford the service. For more information on Lifeline, please click here:  Lifeline Program for Low-Income Consumers | Federal Communications Commission (

Altice Suddenlink / Optimum

For low-income seniors receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Altice USA is here to help you afford reliable internet access! While not completely free, seniors can receive 2 free months of internet service while only paying $15/mo moving forward. Depending on where you live determines if you are eligible for Suddenlink or Optimum; both are offered from Altice USA.

Unlike other internet plans, this affordable service offers unlimited data ensuring you can make all the video calls you need throughout the month along with fast download speeds. Altice provides a free modem and router to cut down the costs of starting a new plan greatly. Low-income seniors also have the opportunity to receive a discounted laptop, making this one of the most versatile programs out there.

Internet First

Internet First is a great program that offers the chance for a completely free internet service for low-income seniors when combined with the Lifeline program. For only $10/mo and no contract, Internet First offers up to 25 Mbps speeds for anyone that receives government assistance programs such as SSI or SNAP benefits. Combining the Lifeline program with Internet First services allows low-income households to receive a completely free, reliable internet connection.

Like the affordable plans offered by Altice USA, new recipients can sign up for Internet First with no risk and no fees for the first 60 days. No installation fees and no contract ensure if this plan does not work for you, you can cancel at any point. However, it is important to note that Internet First is only available to areas serviced by RCN, Grande, or Wave carriers.

Affordable Internet For All

No matter what you can afford, many organizations are ready to help you connect to your loved ones. Paying for reliable internet access can be stressful, especially for families and seniors operating with low-income. Having access to the internet can make a world of difference for someone who is isolated and may not be able to socialize or see family daily.

Today’s world requires internet access for almost every part of life; paying bills, applying for government aid, learning, or working can all be done remotely with the right resources.

Despite which program best fits your lifestyle, applying and receiving benefits through the Lifeline Program is a surefire way to reduce your monthly costs without having to switch internet providers constantly.

If you can’t afford high-speed internet, you may qualify for free wireless service with free talk, text, and data.  Click here to see if you qualify:  How To Qualify For Free Lifeline Phone Service | StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless is here to answer any questions you may have while helping you through the entire application process!