Vacation Ideas for Low-Income Families

This information is current as of July 2, 2022.

Are you ready to have a relaxing vacation but don’t want to spend a fortune? Then it’s time to investigate options for fun and low-cost vacation breaks.

Check out these vacation ideas for low-income families.

Camping is an excellent vacation idea for low-income households. It is an enjoyable activity that offers the entire family a fun bonding experience. An alternative would be heading to a big city such as New York and visiting all the free or low-cost museums, historical sites, zoos, and more.

Although we know of some potential vacation ideas, many more options could be worth your consideration. Let’s check out some great vacation options for families on a budget and help you find some of the best vacation hot spots.

Exciting Vacation Ideas for Low-Income Families

There are plenty of different activities and locations you can head to for your family vacation. One is camping.

Camping: North Rim in Coconino County, Arizona

Camping is a relatively affordable vacation, depending on how far the campgrounds are from your location and how extravagant you want the trip to be. If you are close to Arizona, consider heading on a road trip to the North Rim and spending the rest of your vacation camping.

A single-family site with a maximum of six people, two vehicles, and three tents will cost $18. You can stay at the site for around seven consecutive days and bring a pet – if they’re kept on a leash and under control.

The North Rim is part of the Grand Canyon and is more than 8,000 feet in elevation. The National Park Service operates a campground and a lodge that provides food services. Unlike other parts of the Grand Canyon, the North Rim is much less crowded. It’s the perfect location for spending time with family at a low cost.

City Escapes: New York

Visiting a big city like New York can be an incredibly memorable vacation. New York is already a popular tourist destination and for a good reason. If you already live in New York, consider heading to Washington DC instead, as there are plenty of sites to see in Washington.

The most expensive part of your vacation for a city escape in New York is likely to be the hotel. However, cheap hotels can cost as little as $100 per night. Other than the hotel, the rest of your stay can be budget-friendly if you choose the right activities.

One activity could be a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry. It’s a popular and free way to see the Statue of Liberty. The ferry ride is approximately 25 minutes and brings you through scenic routes along the river, which are excellent for young children and adults.

Flying Overseas: Turkey

You may think flying somewhere abroad isn’t cheap, and to a certain extent, you may be right. However, getting the right deals, booking the right hotels, and choosing the right country help keep your expenses low.

Turkey has plenty of beautiful beaches, towering mountains, historic ruins, and more at affordable prices.

There are a lot of different places in Turkey where you can take in breathtaking sceneries without spending too much money. One such place is Cappadocia, where you can even explore an underground city and beautiful valleys.

Visiting National Parks: Yellowstone National Park

Seven-day access to Yellowstone National Park costs $35 per vehicle you bring into the park. If you want to visit the park often, you can purchase an annual pass for $70 per vehicle. With such cheap prices, Yellowstone National Park is an excellent low-budget destination.

You and your family can take your time to explore the great outdoors and view the fascinating geysers. You can also follow the hike trails to have a more active vacation. Many people also visit the park for cycling, mountain biking, fishing, ziplining, and more. There are plenty of things to do that everyone can enjoy.

Although the geysers can sometimes overshadow the other parts of Yellowstone National Park, there are still natural wonders you can see on your visit. You might want to see one of the three waterfalls. The Crystal Falls is a wonder to see and a great place to visit.

Staycation: Exploring Your City

One of the least expensive vacation options for families is visiting museums and seeing the sites in your home city or state. Although it may not sound exciting, it’s doubtful you’ve been to all the different places in your home state. There are plenty of unique restaurants or free galleries you may have never seen before.

Staying in your own city is also great for your budget since you don’t have to pay for a hotel. If you want a lazy day indoors, you can also start a barbeque in your backyard instead of heading out. Admittedly, a backyard barbeque is just as fun as visiting a museum.

Beach Vacation: Myrtle Beach

Heading to the beach is a perfect vacation idea for the entire family. Myrtle Beach is a great budget option. If you live nearby, you get free access to the beach. There are also several kid-friendly attractions such as water parks, amusement parks, and aquariums. Keep in mind that entry to such places will require some payment.

Myrtle Beach also has some of the most beautiful gardens on the entire east coast. Those gardens are brilliant if you want a relaxing vacation surrounded by nature. For example, Brookgreen Gardens is a fantastic sculpture garden and a wildlife preserve.

Some of the attractions at Myrtle Beach include the Family Kingdom and Alligator Adventure. Both attractions are suitable options for children, and Alligator Adventure can help your children learn more about the beautiful world of animals in an educational setting.

Ways to Reduce Vacation Costs

There are several different factors you should consider when booking a low-cost family vacation. One such factor is how long you want the break to last. A more extended vacation will cost your time and budget a lot more. Try to go for only three days to do plenty of activities while minimizing the cost of your vacation.

You may score some last-minute deals if you book your tickets late, it does not guarantee low prices.

Another way to significantly reduce the cost of your vacations is to book all your activities, hotel stays, and tickets in advance. Check out the Groupon app or site to see if there are coupons or specials beforehand.

Another method of reducing the cost of a family trip abroad is to look for options in countries where amenities and activities are cheaper. For example, Mexico is a good vacation destination with fantastic beaches and mouthwatering food. However, unlike a trip to Canada or Switzerland, it doesn’t cost too much.


Overall, numerous options are available for a family vacation, even with a tight budget. If you’re planning your trip, consider using some of the vacation options above for an incredible trip you and your family will remember for a lifetime.

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