Where Can Low-Income Mothers and Families Find Free Baby Stuff?

It might come as no surprise to any proud parent that the average cost of having a baby is $12,680 per year from birth to the age of two. For every family of every background, there’s no getting around the fact that babies need a lot of stuff. Many new parents find themselves asking the same question: how can something so tiny be so expensive?


If you have a new baby and money is tight, you might be wondering where you can get free baby stuff for low-income mothers. The good news is that there are several organizations and government programs offering free stuff to help you take care of your baby if you know where to look. Read on to learn more about the many resources where you can get free baby supplies and gear as a low-income family.


Health Insurance for Baby


One thing babies need is regular visits to the doctor. From regular well-baby checks to vaccinations and illnesses, the pediatrician plays an important role in babies’ development and well-being. 


The cost of health care and doctor’s visits, however, can be prohibitive for mothers who are low-income. Luckily, Medicaid is a resource available to many mothers of young children who are facing financial distress.


You might have heard of Medicare for senior citizens. Medicaid works on the same premise for babies. Medicaid is based on income, not age, and it ensures that the smallest members of low-income families still have access to health care. 


If you don’t qualify for Medicaid, check out the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This program has the federal and state governments working together to provide benefits for low-income families who might not qualify for Medicaid because of income. 


Formula and Baby Food


Food insecurity is a genuine problem across the United States, with children and babies more likely to face food insecurity than any other group in the country. There are a few programs to check out for assistance with food. 


 The USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse provides basic food necessities for those in need. 


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides food assistance for low-income families. This program, which used to be referred to as food stamps, gives an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card. This card allows you to buy food at your low food source. SNAP is another federal program that works in conjunction with states.


In California, the food assistance program is known as CalFresh.




Babies need a lot of stuff, and Baby2Baby is ready to help. They are a national organization working with partners in cities across the country to provide diapers and clothing for babies and children up to age 12. 


While you can’t go to them directly for supplies. You can find out the partners in your area who help to provide diapers and clothing for babies and children.


National Diaper Bank Network


If there is one thing, babies use a lot of is diapers. And diapers can be expensive at the volume that babies use them.


The National Diaper Bank Network is another national organization partnering with local organizations to help get diapers in the hands of those in need. 


This organization, found by the diaper company Huggies, helps bring awareness about the need for this most basic necessity. It collects and helps to distribute diapers to those in need.




WIC is another program assisting pregnant low-income mothers. You can also get WIC assistance as a caregiver. 


WIC assists with healthy food, nutrition education, and breastfeeding guidance for pregnant women and mothers who are low income.


If you are part of the foster care system, get medical assistance or already qualify for SNAP, you can also get WIC assistance.


Cribs for Kids


Babies don’t just need food and diapers, they also need a safe and secure place to sleep. Cribs for Kids is another national organization that partners with local groups.


Cribs for Kids gives out Graco Pack ‘n Play® portable cribs to families who can’t afford to buy a crib themselves. They work with some 1,750 partners across the country


Breast Pumps


It’s no secret that breastfeeding is a great choice for babies. Mother’s milk naturally combines fat, protein, and other nutrients to provide most babies with everything they need. Studies have shown that breastfeeding also boosts a baby’s immune system and helps lower risk of allergies or asthma. 


It’s a requirement for insurance companies that are part of the Affordable Care Act to provide a low-income mother with a breast pump. In order to participate in the ACA Marketplace, the insurance plan is required to cover either the rental or purchase of your breast pump for breastfeeding.


Free Car Seats


While the laws may vary slightly by state, generally a child must be restrained properly in a federally approved car seat. If they ride in a car, they must be in a car seat up to the age of 8 or at least 65 pounds


Car seats can be expensive, however. You never want to purchase a used car seat if it is expired, has been recalled, or has been in an accident. (And if you do buy a used car seat from a stranger, be sure to meet in a very public place like the police station.)


If you need a car seat, you can dial 211 for the United Way, which will provide a car seat for you if you’re low income.


Dolly Parton Imagination Library


There’s no doubt that starting kids reading young is vastly important to them becoming readers themselves. Yet, if you are struggling to buy food and diapers, it can be hard to think about buying books too. 


Dolly Parton to the rescue. Dolly started the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program, which provides a free book to infants through kids aged five every month. This allows you to sit with your child and read to them from a new book each month. The more you teach the value of reading, the better chance they become a reader. This program isn’t available everywhere, but it is available lots of places, so check the link to see if your area is among the lucky ones!




Free stuff is free stuff, even if it isn’t for long-term supplies. Many pregnant parents will create baby registries so friends and family can purchase items for them as gifts that they really need. 


Amazon wants to help. You can create a baby registry on Amazon, which allows friends to ship gifts right to you. As a thank you from Amazon for creating the baby registry, they will send you a free welcome baby box with some of those items that you need right away with a newborn.


Gerber Baby Box


Gerber is a well-known company making things like food for babies. You can go to Gerber and register with them. They will send you a free Gerber baby gift box. The gift boxes usually include formula, baby food, a bib, and a onesie for your baby. 


Once you are registered, Gerber will continue to send you free things for your baby occasionally. 


Freecycle Network


Another useful resource is the Freecycle Network, which you can search online. Through this network, you can obtain used but free baby clothes. 


The site is a classified advertising site, so be aware. Yet, many people go there to donate or offer free baby clothes to those in need. Babies don’t stay in any one size very long. So, people often have baby clothes they are ready to pass on to someone else who might need them. 


The Freecycle Network works to make those connections for those in need and those ready to give away.


Local Churches


If you have an affiliation with a church, check with them to see what services and items they might have available. Churches often work to make connections for their members in need. 


If you need a crib, stroller, or high chair, for example, churches can be great about reaching out to their membership to see if someone has items to donate. 


Hospital and Pediatrician


Diaper and formula companies regularly provide free samples of their products to hospitals and pediatrician offices. 


When you deliver your baby, don’t be shy about letting the hospital staff know you are in need. Often they will pack up a good supply of diapers and formula for you as you leave the hospital. 


Likewise, when you are at the pediatrician’s office, don’t hesitate to ask if they have any free samples available that could help you out. They get them so frequently, and they are happy to hand them out to those who need the supplies. You just need to ask.


Use the Sources to Get Free Baby Stuff for Low-Income Mothers


There’s no doubt that babies need a lot of stuff, and it needs to be restocked very regularly. The good news is that many places are offering free baby stuff for low-income mothers. You need to be a little resourceful in looking for it and asking for it if you need it, but help is out there.


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