Where to Find Discount Clothes for Low-Income Families

Clothes shopping can be unforgiving as time goes on. The cost of clothes continues to rise while the quality of materials stays the same. If you’re a low-income family, you might wonder where you can find clothes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. From shoes and socks to dresses and dress shirts, discounted clothes can take a lot of work to come by when you need them the most.

Fortunately, there are various ways to find discount clothing for you and your family. Here we will discuss different stores you can go to and find discount clothes. We will also discuss other ways to find discounted or even free clothes. Plenty of options exist to get deals on the clothes you need within your budget.

Discounted Clothing Stores

If you’re looking for discount clothing stores with physical locations, you can try your luck with secondhand stores in your area. Some stores will buy older pieces of clothing and resell them at reasonable prices. Not only can this help you save on necessary seasonal items like boots and coats, but it also helps find homes for clothes that would otherwise be discarded or in a landfill. In addition, some stores like Buffalo Exchange may sell higher-end secondhand items, but you might still find clothes you can use all year round.

You can also investigate places like Goodwill for budget clothes shopping. While only sometimes as organized as a storefront, if you’re okay with doing some searching, you might end up with a pile of new (to you) clothes that will serve you for years to come. Goodwill also has plenty of other items for sale, so you can do more than just clothes shopping when you go. For example, you might go for a pair of jeans and leave with a toaster!

The best part of these physical locations is that you can bring your older clothes to them and either donate them or, in some cases, sell them for a profit. Be sure to ask if the location you want to donate to or sell to has any guidelines you should follow. Generally, to be able to donate or sell, your clothes must be clean and undamaged. In addition, some places may have a policy on accepting clothes based on the season, so be sure to ask before you show up with a bag of unacceptable clothes.

Outlet Stores

If you have ever wondered where clothes go, that aren’t sold in major chain stores, then today is your lucky day. Outlet stores, aside from selling in-fashion clothes, will routinely sell clothes from other smaller locations that need to make room for newer items. This can result in deep discounts on clothes that are brand new. In addition, many outlet stores come together to form outlet malls. Going to one of these malls can be worth it as you will only find better deals occasionally. This can be even better if extra deals are placed on items for the holiday season.

Some outlet stores will stand alone, so if you need clarification on whether you’re in the neighborhood of one, you can always look them up. Also, many stores offer an outlet section on their main shopping website. This will help to separate discount clothes and sale items in a convenient way for the shopper. This can help bring discount clothes to you without forcing you to travel. Just point and click to have clothes delivered to you.

Online Clothing Stores

Speaking of online clothing stores, you will find a wide range of clothing stores selling your clothes digitally. If you are okay with buying your clothes online, there are an endless array of clothes stores online that you can buy from. Like outlet stores, you can find unique discounts online. Since you won’t be limited to what a store can physically offer, you might even have a better chance to find exactly what you need.

Other than traditional retail stores, you can also find discounted clothes being sold by others on sites like eBay or Craigslist. Sites like eBay will allow you to see the item you’re purchasing (or bidding on) and get some background information on the seller to feel secure in what you’re purchasing. eBay itself will also provide a level of security through purchase insurance. You can also make purchases of clothes through Craigslist, but there is less involvement with the site should something go wrong with the transaction.

Other Ways to Get Clothes While on a Budget

If you need clothes in an emergency, there are other ways to solve this issue. Some charitable organizations will help provide clothes to those in need. These organizations are primarily local and can be found through a quick search online or by dialing your local information number (either 211 or 311).

You can also receive special items from these organizations used for specific reasons. For example, you might need coats and boots due to cold weather. Or you might need clothes for your baby. Or you need proper clothes to go on job interviews (or clothes to match a job you just got). Again, clothing banks can provide you with the clothes you need. Be sure to research clothing banks in your area and ask what clothes are available. You may only sometimes find the clothes you need when you need them, so knowing before you go can save you some time.

If you find yourself with many clothes, you don’t need; a clothing swap is right up your alley. Clothing swaps are events organized by individuals looking to swap clothes one for one. Think of it as an old-school barter system: give and get a piece of clothing. And if you can’t find a way to organize a clothing swap, you can always sell your clothes the old-fashioned way.

Benefits of Wearing Secondhand Clothing

Some people have an issue with secondhand clothes. If you’ve never worn a hand-me-down from your older sibling or taken a used item from a friend, you might not know the benefits of doing so. Look at the benefits that come with wearing secondhand clothes.

Saving the World

If you buy secondhand clothes, you’re going against the grain of buying newly manufactured clothes. While fashion is an ever-evolving business, reusing older fashions and wearing secondhand clothes helps to prevent the use of materials needed to create clothes continuously.

Save Money

Consignment stores can purchase modern fashion at a fraction of the price. This is the way to go if you want to be trendy but want to spend less money on clothes. Sometimes, you might find clothes that are new in secondhand stores. This is because many people tend to give away their clothes after wearing them only a few times. As a result, you may save hundreds of dollars on clothes that are still in high demand when you buy them.

Discover New Clothes

If you’ve ever been shopping for clothes, some stores cater to a particular style. This is because many stores have a brand that they portray. Secondhand stores don’t do this as they accept many clothing brands. As a result, you’ll be able to find pieces of clothes you might have yet to find if you had stayed in your usual shops. Some clothes might be modern pieces that catch your eye. Others might be clothes that were popular years ago. You can be introduced to many new styles by entering a secondhand store.

Having Fun!

Shopping for clothes can be a time-consuming fun vacuum. Finding the size, the right color, or the right fit can lead to a frustrating day, especially if it’s for a piece you want. Secondhand stores constantly change their inventory, bringing new items onto the sales floor almost daily. You must figure out what to expect when shopping, and they can be half the fun. The other half of the experience is finding something that will make your day.

Creates a Habit of Reuse

The habit of reuse can help a lot of people in need. Using secondhand stores, clothing banks, clothing donations, and similar locations promotes using existing clothes. This also means more clothes will make it to those needing them.

In Conclusion

Buying clothes doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re working with a budget. If you’re looking for discounted clothes, check out your outlet stores and any discount website. Seasonal needs can be met at donation locations and clothing banks. Coats, boots, and even working clothes can be acquired at a discount or even for free. And now, you know where to look!

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