5GB of Additional Data to Stay Connected with What Matters Most


StandUp Wireless is committed to providing all of our customers strong, reliable service especially during times of crisis. All customers currently enjoy FREE Monthly Minutes, Unlimited Text and 3 GB of Data.

In response to the Coronavirus, effective March 18, 2020 all customers will receive an additional 5GB of Data added on top of their current plan each month, bringing it to a total of 8GB for the next two months! All current customers have already had this additional service added to their account.

It’s important that our customers can stay in touch with loved ones, reach emergency services or even stay in contact with their kids school, because at the end of the day...standing with your community is what matters most.

If you need anything:

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Stay Healthy and Safe!

Did you know you can use a compatible device as a Wi-Fi hotspot? Here’s how!

  1. With the device powered on and unlocked, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the gear icon to enter the settings of the phone.
  3. Tap “Connections” or “Tethering & Portable Hotspot”
  4. Tap “Wi-Fi Hotspot.”
    1. From here, you can rename, setup a password and turn on your hotspot.

Now, when you scan for Wi-Fi from another Wi-Fi compatible device, you will be able find your phone’s Wi-Fi as an available option.

NOTE: Name of options during setup may differ slightly depending on your phone and operating system.

All StandUp Wireless Lifeline rate plans include three gigabytes (3 GB) of broadband data. Eight gigabyte (8 GB) offer includes five gigabytes (5 GB) of data being offered on a promotional basis in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Lifeline customers must be approved before 4/17/2020. Customers must maintain eligibility for Lifeline with StandUp Wireless through the end of the promotional period to receive the additional data. The additional data will be applied twice; once every 30 days, and may not be on the customer’s normal reimbursement date. No action is needed for qualified customers to receive the extra data. After the promotional period ends, qualified customers will resume receiving 3GB of data on their anniversary date.