Free Computers For Low-Income Families

With many jobs turning toward remote help and students no longer learning inside a classroom, the need for a computer at home has never been greater. Computers can be costly, making it hard for low-income families to spare that expense despite the ever-pressing need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the need for a computer, and we want low-income families to know there is help out there! In this article, we will talk about programs set in place to get free or discounted computers to low-income families or individuals in need.

Read below to learn how you can receive a laptop or desktop computer for free, getting you connected to working or learning at home. While some government and independent charities have strict eligibility requirements for receiving a free computer or laptop, there is sure to be the perfect program for you! We’ll close with a tip on how you can get a brand new tablet for just $10.01!

The ON IT Foundation

The Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology Foundation, or ON IT for short, strives to provide low-income families with children a PC or laptop and all the necessary training to keep them on track with classes. With learning focused more in the home setting, kids K-12 must have a computer for school assignments.

The ON IT Foundation provides computers, internet, and training courses for any low-income family with children in public school who receive reduced or free lunch. To date, ON IT has provided over 2000 computers to families in need. Computers are given on a first-come-first-served basis; if a computer is not immediately available for your family, you will be put on a waiting list until one becomes available. For more information, please visit The On It Foundation.

PCs For People

PCs For People is a great resource for low-income individuals who find themselves earning below the 200% poverty line. People already receiving government for low-income assistance such as food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment, or reduced school lunches can also receive a free or heavily-reduced computer.

PCs For People takes donated computers and refurbishes them to perfect working order, which is then dispersed among the community. PCs For People works directly with Microsoft as a Registered Refurbisher to outfit their computers with fully licensed programs such as Windows 10. Due to the worldwide pandemic, students who find themselves learning remotely are also eligible to receive computer assistance along with discounted internet plans. PCs For People works directly with non-profit organizations and non-governmental agencies to supply the community with various electronic services.  Visit Home: PCs for People – PCs for People for more information on this program.

Computers With Causes

When totally free computers are what you’re after, Computers With Causes is a phenomenal organization to look into! Computers With Causes takes donated computers, along with many other items, and gives them completely free of charge to eligible U.S residents. Eligibility is determined through their online application, with priority given to students, teachers, and military veterans looking to adapt to everyday life.

Applications are reviewed over a span of 30 days, after which you can reapply if you were not granted a free computer. Many aspects are considered when being considered for assistance, such as a background check, reference check, and income status. If you are already enrolled in a low-income government program, this may affect your current benefits.  Click here for more info:  Computer Request – Apply for a Computer (

Give Technology

The helpful people at Give Technology provide computers and other electronics to a wide range of those in need. This is one of the only organizations based around supplying low-income disabled individuals with the technology they can use with ease. Single parents receiving or eligible for income-based assistance can also receive a free computer from giving Technology.

Students of all ages who find themselves unable to afford a computer for basic learning should apply to Give Technology, including adults looking to learn new skills! This organization also aims to better women who come from an abusive home or have left their home for safety reasons. For more information:  Give Technology.

Salvation Army

Revered for many years for their help in low-income communities, the Salvation Army is a great place to turn when looking for a free computer. It is important to note, however, that not every Salvation Army has free computers to distribute. Giving a call to your local Salvation Army center can quickly give you an idea of where to find free computers in your area.


Much like the Salvation Army, Goodwill has been serving low-income communities for many, many years. Oftentimes, Goodwill will donate computers to local charities and non-profit organizations, which are then given to those in need. Unused computers are put up for auction at a retail location and are a great way to find a brand new computer for cheap.


While it may prove difficult to find the right program for you to receive a free computer, there are options out there! Having access to a computer with internet capabilities can be a life-changing addition for many low-income families and individuals. Looking into local charities and non-profit organizations in your area is the quickest way to get hooked up with a free computer.

Many organizations aim to help low-income communities with all the necessary technology to work and learn in the world’s current state. With many jobs and classes becoming remote, the need for a laptop is growing every day. Worrying about how to afford a laptop for yourself or your kids can be a stressful addition to an already complicated lifestyle. Be sure to check your eligibility for the programs mentioned above and start working towards an easier lifestyle today!

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Save Money on Your Wireless Phone Service

If you qualify for SNAP benefits, you also qualify for Lifeline service. Lifeline is a federal benefit program that makes it possible for low-income consumers to receive access to free or heavily discounted communication services. Click here to find out more and apply for this valuable benefit.