StandUp Wireless Offers Free, Unlimited Talk and Text for Qualifying Kentucky Customers

NEWPORT, Ky. – Access to reliable voice and internet service is critical for Kentuckians battling the effects of COVID-19 and the state’s high unemployment rate. 


StandUp Wireless, a Kentucky Lifeline provider, will now offer free, unlimited talk and text plus 3GB of data to qualifying Kentucky residents to ensure they can safely connect to the services, friends and family needed during this time. This benefit will be extended to both current and new StandUp Wireless customers.


As a Lifeline provider, StandUp Wireless is authorized by the Federal Communication Commission and approved by the state of Kentucky to provide free wireless service to qualifying citizens who participate in programs such as Medicaid, SNAP and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or based on household income. The Lifeline program allows one qualifying line per eligible household so every home has access to critical voice and internet service, giving each family access to jobs, doctors and emergency services. Kentucky residents can find out if they qualify for the program at


“Voice is still the most important app on our phones,” said Eric Schimpf, chief operating officer at StandUp Wireless. “We’re thankful that Kentucky’s Public Service Commission recognized the importance of funding this essential service so people can stay connected to telemedicine, employment opportunities, social service agencies and loved ones because they might not have the ability to afford it otherwise.”


Kentucky officials recognized the need for additional support for low-income Kentuckians during the pandemic and authorized unlimited voice service to residents who qualify for the Lifeline program. Unlimited calling will remain in effect until July 31, 2021.


Additionally, StandUp Wireless, which has operations offices in Newport, Ky., offers an easy-to-use online portal for enrollment and SIM kits that ship to customers in a matter of days so they can quickly get connected to the people and services they need. Customers are also able to sign up with their current phone and keep their current number.


Since 1999, StandUp Wireless has connected hundreds of thousands of customers to wireless services through the Lifeline program. The company’s mission is to keep communities connected by providing wireless access to those who need it most.


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