Cheap and Affordable Haircuts for Low-Income Families

This information is current as of July 21, 2022.

We all want to look our best, have the best wardrobe on the planet, indulge in fancy day spas, and have a top-notch stylist. However, this can be especially hard for those who have fallen on hard times or are living on a fixed income. 

Have you ever wondered where you can get cheap and affordable haircuts for low-income families? Several great places and programs offer low-cost beauty treatments for low-income folks, whether for young families, single moms, or the elderly. 

Continue reading to find out how you can get cheap and affordable haircuts.

Stylists Who Work at Home

It can cost a lot to maintain your own salon or even to rent out your own booth. Many stylists are set up in their own homes to work, which helps cut back on expenses.

Some of these stylists may even be retired but cut hair on the side as extra income.

Because they work from home, you will find that their prices can be considerably lower than what you might pay at a salon. Stylists who work from home also have a lot more flexibility with their schedule and are typically quick to help those who need a last-minute cut.

You can usually find stylists who work out of their homes online. Ask on your town’s local Facebook page and expand your search to surrounding towns.

You can also look on Craigslist or even call a local senior center. You don’t have to be a senior, but they may be able to give you the name of a stylist who cuts on a budget.

Cosmetology Schools

Beauty and cosmetology schools are a great option if you want a cheap haircut. Most trade high schools have a cosmetology dept. They often offer reduced-fee hair and beauty treatments to the public.

The students always work under supervision, and a teaching school’s standards are usually high. If something goes wrong with the haircut, the teacher is right there to fix the issue on the spot.

Reach out to your closest trade high school or cosmetology school in the area to find out what they offer regarding public services. Compare their prices to those of a full-time salon, and I think you’ll be impressed.

The Local Town Barber

You may find that if you stay away from expensive salons, your local town barber’s prices may surprise you.

Most town barbers have been cutting hair for years and have become part of the community. They want to make their customers happy and usually won’t charge close to what a salon would charge.

A local barber is an excellent option for children; most people are usually in and out quickly.

Be a Test Hair Model

You’ll find that many salons need hair models to test new styling techniques. If you’re open to what type of haircut you want, you may be able to sit quietly and let the hairstylist demonstrate the new approach.

This may be doable at a teaching school or even a local salon. Chances are you won’t have to pay, or it would be a reduced rate if you do.

Call your local teaching schools to see if they offer programs like this.

Do It Yourself

If you have the self-confidence and feel you are pretty good with a pair of scissors, you can always cut your hair yourself.

YouTube has plenty of video tutorials on how to cut your own hair or trim your bangs. Just be careful not to overdo it!

You’ll also need to be prepared that you may not like what you see, but it’s worth a shot.

Exchanging Skills

Are you handy? Do you clean houses for a living? A friend or family member who is a stylist may be willing to trade services with you.

For instance, your friend cuts your hair while you repair something or help with cleaning. This method is free, and everybody wins!

Coupons and Special Offers

Coupon packs, such as Valpak, regularly come in the mail. They offer coupons for food and local services, including hair stylists. You may often see deals with Fantastic Sam’s or Supercuts.

You can also google “salon coupons” and see if any offers come up. Joining the mailing list of your local salons is also a great way to get coupons and promotions via email or text.

Don’t forget to check Groupon and LivingSocial as they often promote local deals for salons. The savings found can often be significant.

Work at a Salon

Are you in the market for a new job or want to add extra income to your family? Why not look around at your local salons and barbershops to see if they are hiring. This doesn’t mean you need to be a stylist. Salons need someone to run the front desk, stock inventory, and keep the area looking clean.

By working at a salon, you can almost guarantee yourself either a free or reduced-cost haircut.

Chain Salons

Going to salons such as Sports Clips, Supercuts, or Great Clips is another way to save money. These retail chain salons can be reasonable when compared to higher-end salons.

Most post an online pricing sheet or have one visible at the salon. It’s much more comforting to know what you’ll be paying for a haircut upfront rather than being hit with an unexpected bill.

Most places have locations throughout the United States and Canada. Salon prices are generally low for all services, including styles, cuts, and colors.

These salons usually don’t book by appointment, so you can just drop in when it’s convenient for you. Rest assured, popular salon chains are also staffed by experienced and licensed hair stylists.

Let’s look at the top three contenders.

Sports Cuts

Sports Cuts has more than 1,850 locations throughout the country, and they continue to grow. Sports Cuts caters to men, but they are more than capable of cutting women’s hair as well.

Prices generally range from $5 to $35, depending on the service you want.

Super Cuts

Sports Cuts, a full-service salon, has more than 2,400 locations in the country and offers haircuts, color, and highlights. The salon chain even provides a free hot towel treatment and tea tree experience with every cut.

The service prices range from around $8 to $50.

Great Clips

Great Clips is one of the most popular salons in the country, with more than 4,200 locations. The salon offers trims, haircuts, shampoos, perms, and other styles. Great Clips regularly circulate coupons that will take a few dollars off the price of your cut.

The prices range from $5 to $115, depending on your desire.

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