Does Menchie’s Accept EBT or Food Stamps?

This information is current as of July 19, 2022.

Menchie’s, even though it primarily serves desserts, is considered a fast-food restaurant. As such, the yogurt shop chain accepts cash, debit, or credit cards, and mySmileage points, a rewards program you can use through Menchie’s.

Restaurants rarely accept EBT or food stamps, but exceptions exist. Is Mechie's one of those exceptions?

Does Menchie’s accept EBT or food stamps? Menchie’s does not accept food stamps or EBT cards in any of its locations across the US. Regarding SNAP benefits, it doesn’t look like Menchie’s will ever take food stamps or EBT cards, based on how food stamps work. 

It’s not as if Menchie’s intentionally refuses to accept EBT on a selfish basis. Menchie’s is certainly not the only restaurant or fast-food company not taking EBT. Although there is a restaurant meal program, it’s minimal. 

Limitations on EBT

Menchie’s does not accept EBT or food stamps because of how the program works, not due to Menchie’s business decision. The rule is that you cannot buy hot or prepared food with EBT, although there are certain exceptions to the rule, such as Restaurant Meal Programs.

Why does spending your food stamps on hot or prepared food make a difference? The general thinking is that government benefits have some limitations.

Cooked food is more expensive than unprepared food and chews through your benefits faster.

There are times when EBT is allowed for use with prepared foods. However, it’s usually only when the restrictions are lifted due to a natural disaster, such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes.

States and federal governments lift the restrictions so that people can get food quickly, without having to deal with the question as to whether the food is prepared and considered to be hot food or whether it is unprepared and therefore it qualifies. 

The Restaurant Meal Program

The RMP (Restaurant Meal Program) is entirely a state-run option. Therefore, it’s not up to the federal government where or where not it’s approved. There is also a separate qualifier for RMP participants.

  • Must be disabled
  • Must be homeless
  • Must be a spouse of a SNAP recipient who is eligible
  • Must be elderly (at or above 60)­­
  • Must lack the capability to keep and store food

Of course, you don’t have to meet all these qualifiers simultaneously. However, it would be best if you met some of them to qualify for the RMP program. Most of the time, that means you’re homeless or unable to store food, which makes sense when it comes to being able to purchase already prepared foods.

Restaurants That Participate

Most states don’t have Restaurant Meal Programs, and the ones that do, don’t force fast-food chains to participate. Instead, they must actively participate independently, meaning the restaurant in question must be in a state with an RMP program.

Next, the restaurant must acquire approval from the state. Then, the state will provide the restaurant chain with an FNS agreement form and a Food and Nutrition Service form which the restaurant chain will have to sign and agree to. 

Once the restaurant or fast-food chain agrees to the FNS and accepts SNAP benefits, the state must further approve it. It’s like submitting any form to the state. But first, it must go through the processing time, which takes some time.

However, once approved, that fast-food chain or restaurant can accept EBT or food stamps. Once they have signed the agreement, it must be mailed to the Retailer Service Center address for that state, wherever it is. Unfortunately, only seven states have an RMP program available for their residents.

  • Arizona
  • Michigan
  • California
  • Rhode Island
  • Illinois
  • Virginia
  • Maryland

How to Use Your EBT Card at Menchie’s

Fortunately, Menchie’s accepts cash payments, so that you can pay with your EBT card as an indirect payment for food at Menchie’s. However, if you have cash benefits with your EBT card, you must go to an ATM and withdraw the cash you need to pay for Mechie’s items.

The other methods are the same as everyone else since Menchie’s accepts debit cards, credit cards, and cash payments. They also take reward points known as mySmileage points, which are part of Menchie’s rewards programs.

Unfortunately, even in the states participating in the Restaurant Meal Program, existing Menchie’s in those states have not jumped on the bandwagon. So, if your state has an RMP and Menchie’s is in your state, you still can’t use your EBT card there.

Perhaps, at some point, the existing Menchie’s in states that support RMP will get onboard. Then, hopefully, other states will join the program as well, especially states with an abundance of homeless folks who can’t store or prepare their food.

All Things Considered

Menchie’s doesn’t accept EBT or food stamps, even in the states that are administering the federal RMP program. So, until then, you will have to draw cash out if you want to make a purchase at Menchie’s, or you will have to pay with traditional means.

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