Does Stater Bros. Take EBT Cards?

This information is current as of May 17, 2022.

Stater Bros. Markets is a privately held supermarket chain. The retailer is based in San Bernardino, California, and has about 171 stores in Southern California. Stater Bros. Markets sell meat, seafood, deli items, baked goods, fresh produce, and flowers.

Does Stater Bros. Market take EBT cards?

Millions of Americans are Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients. If you’re one of them, you may wonder if Stater Bros. takes EBT on SNAP-eligible items. Yes, Stater Bros. does accept SNAP, also known to some as Food Stamps. This blog article covers the following topics:

  • What Can You Buy at Stater Bros. Market With SNAP EBT?
  • What Can’t You Buy at Stater Bros. Market With SNAP EBT? 
  • Using Your EBT Card at Stater Bros. Market
  • Other Forms of Payment at Stater Bros. Market

What Can You Buy at Stater Bros. Market With SNAP EBT?

As with all grocery stores, you can use your SNAP EBT card to purchase the following items at Stater Bros. stores:

Depending on your situation (age, disability, housing status, and location), you may be able to take advantage of the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP). If you’re eligible and the store is in a specific state or county, you may be able to purchase hot prepared foods.

The following states take part in the RMP:

  • Arizona
  • Certain California counties
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Illinois counties such as Dewitt, Franklin, and Cook County – zip code areas include 60619, 60620, 60628, and 60617

What Can’t You Buy at Stater Bros. Market With SNAP EBT? 

Based on this official SNAP list, you cannot purchase the following items using an EBT card:

  • Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, or tobacco
  • Vitamins, medicines, and supplements. If an item has a Supplement Facts label, it is considered a supplement and is not eligible for SNAP purchase.
  • Live animals (except shellfish, fish removed from the water, and animals slaughtered before pick -up from the store).
  • Foods that are hot at the point of sale
  • Any nonfood items such as:
  • Pet food
  • Cleaning supplies, paper products, and other household supplies.
  • Hygiene items, cosmetics

Using Your EBT Card at Stater Bros. Market

Once approved, you’re then notified of your monthly SNAP benefit amount. Your benefits are automatically added to your Electronic Benefit Card (EBT) card every month. EBT cards are like debit or bank cards. EBT cards can only be used to purchase food items at specific retailers.

When ready to pay for your EBT-approved grocery items, you insert, tap, or swipe your EBT card into the card machine. Next, you enter your PIN. Your PIN is a four-digit number you set up when you first receive your EBT card. Depending on your state, some PINs can be made online via the SNAP website or by phone call when activating your card.

It’s always a good idea to select memorable numbers as your PIN. Think of dates or digits easy for you to guess but not easy for others to figure out. For example, it’s always best not to use your birthday – it may be too obvious. However, other special dates that are important to you are acceptable. 

Be careful entering an incorrect PIN several times in a row. Doing so could get you locked out of your account. Once you enter your PIN, your transaction will be complete. 

Using EBT Cash

If you opt to pay with your EBT benefits or pay with your EBT Cash account, choose EBT first. The balance amount is then left for the remaining items. You can make a second transaction with a Cash account to purchase the items not covered by an EBT card.

The receipt does not tell you the balance left on your EBT card, so keep this in mind while shopping. If the EBT card doesn’t have enough money to cover every grocery item at the checkout, it will pay for as much as it can. A remaining balance is left that you can either pay through another account or use cash.

You can access your EBT balance from an EBT customer service line or at an ATM with your PIN. EBT accounts are reloaded at the beginning of every month, but it’s good to keep track of your balance.

Other Forms of Payment at Stater Bros. Market

For your convenience, in addition to EBT, Stater Bros. Market accepts:

  • CalFresh
  • WIC
  • Apple Pay©
  • Google Pay
  • Mastercard®, Visa, Discover®, American Express®, and debit cards

There are also a variety of ways to shop Stater Bros. The store offers contactless curbside pickup or delivery. Customers can also pay online with SNAP EBT or EBT cash benefits.

Final Thoughts

Nearly 14% of households in California receive food stamps. If you’re one of them, it’s good to know you can use your EBT card for certain purchases at Stater Bros. Market. Hopefully, this article helps answer the question, “Does Stater Bros. take EBT Cards?”

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