Does WinCo Accept EBT? 3 Things to Know Before You Shop

This information is current as of April 12, 2022.

Shopping with your Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card gives you access to food at dozens of different grocery shops. If WinCo is present in your area, you may be asking, “Does WinCo Accept EBT?”

Luckily, shoppers can do their grocery shopping at most WinCo locations using their EBT cards. However, a WinCo may not accept EBT if it has recently opened and is still setting up its payment systems.

This article will dive into the 3 things you should know before shopping with EBT at WinCo, including what they offer, how to find the best deals, and what you can and cannot buy there with your EBT card.

How to Pay with EBT at WinCo

Before you do your shopping at WinCo, you’ll want to confirm that they accept food stamps. According to their website, most WinCo locations accept EBT payments. However, if the store has recently been opened, you should first call customer service to ensure their EBT payment system is up and running.

To pay with EBT at WinCo Foods, you’d complete your transaction the same way you would one with a regular debit card. First, pick out all your grocery items. If you are only paying with EBT, be sure you’re choosing SNAP-acceptable foods. If you’re not sure what this includes, keep reading under our section “3. Shopping with EBT at WinCo” to learn more.

Once the cashier has scanned all your items, you can let them know you plan on paying with an EBT card. You will swipe, insert, or tap the card in the card machine and enter your PIN.

Your EBT PIN is something you should have created when you first received the card. If this is your first time using the card, you should set up your PIN before arriving at WinCo. Depending on the state, you may do this over the phone or through an online portal.

After entering your PIN, your purchase will be completed. If any of your items were not approved as a SNAP product, the cashier will tell you the remaining cost of the item(s) that should be paid for in cash or another card.

All items paid for with food stamps at WinCo fall under the same return policy as other WinCo products, regardless of payment source.

3 Things to Know Before Shopping at WinCo

WinCo is known as one of the most economical choices for grocery stores in the U.S. This chain has roughly 135 store locations across the west and mid-west. You can find WinCo stores in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

So, does WinCo accept EBT? They do! But, before shopping at WinCo Foods, be sure to read about what they offer, how to find the best deals, and what you can and cannot buy with food stamps at WinCo stores.

1.     What WinCo Offers

WinCo receives many of its products directly from farms and manufacturers. This cuts out the middleman and allows WinCo to offer us great deals and prices. WinCo prides itself on cutting costs, not corners. As a result, you get all the products you love at even better prices without settling for mediocre alternatives.

WinCo only offers a couple or a few products brands. This means you won’t have to sit there staring at 30 different options, struggling to understand their difference. Instead, at WinCo, you’ll have a few things to choose from, making life a little simpler.

When shopping at WinCo, you aren’t going to see any fancy decorations. This is because WinCo knows you’re there to go grocery shopping – not for the eye candy. Eliminating silly marketing and decorations saves money, making their products cheaper for customers.

Additionally, it’s always better to shop more ethically; at WinCo, you can rest easy knowing that they treat their employees fairly. This includes providing health insurance and pensions to employees. In fact, all WinCo stores are employee-owned.

2.     How to Find WinCo Deals

Many of WinCo’s products are offered in bulk. Buying in bulk means buying more products. For example, instead of just a single paper towel roll, you might see a 10- or even a 16-pack of paper towel rolls at WinCo.

Many people don’t choose to buy in bulk because they don’t think they need that many products. The thing is, you do need that many, just over a more extended period. For example, buying in bulk can save you hundreds of dollars a year if you have some extra closet or cabinet space.

For example, buying one water bottle might cost you anywhere from $1 to $1.50. Still, if you purchased a bulk 24-pack of water bottles instead, you might spend around $14 – only $0.58 per bottle!

At WinCo, you can find over 800 items sold by the pound. This means you can buy more for less, so opt for buying in bulk with non-expiring things.

When shopping at WinCo, you should also look for any specials. Their everyday low prices are marked on yellow tags, while sale items have green tags. All WinCo stores also have an “Extra Savings” and “Price Shocker” section that hold some of their best deals.

Before shopping, don’t forget to check out the In-Store Events page for weekly specials in your area.

3.     Shopping with EBT at WinCo

SNAP benefits are given to low-income families to purchase healthy groceries monthly. This program specifies what you can and cannot buy with your EBT card. At WinCo, you’ll be able to buy:

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Fish, meat, and chicken
  • Dairy products (yogurts, milk, cheeses, etc.)
  • Bread
  • Cereals, crackers, and some cookies
  • Snacks
  • Juices and other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Seeds, nuts, and plants that can be used to produce food

Using your EBT card, you will not be able to buy:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco
  • Household goods (cleaning supplies, paper products, etc.)
  • Hygiene products
  • Pet food
  • Hot/prepared meals
  • Vitamins, medicines, and supplements
  • Live animals (not counting shellfish or slaughtered animals)

If you want to combine SNAP-approved and non-food items in one purchase, you can easily do so. Collect all your items and bring them to the cashier. Let them know you will be paying with EBT and an additional form of payment. This could be cash, another debit card, credit card, or check (if accepted at that location).

The cashier will first tell you the total of your SNAP-approved items. Then, you can pay for these with your EBT card. Then, use your alternative form of payment for the remaining balance. You will have two separate receipts for your purchase, so be sure to keep both in a safe place in case you need to return something.

Shopping on a Budget

Having enough money for groceries at the end of the month is not always easy. Luckily, SNAP benefits can help by preloading your EBT card monthly. You can use your EBT card at grocery stores like WinCo to put healthy meals on the table for you and your loved ones.

At WinCo, you can save even more by looking out for their green sale labels, buying in bulk, or checking out their specials page online. Shop there happily, knowing you support an economical store that treats its employees fairly and with respect.

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