How Can I Check My WIC Benefits? Find Tips Here

If you receive WIC benefits, you might be wondering: “How can I check my WIC benefits?”

There are many ways to check your WIC program benefits. They include accessing your WIC account online, accessing it on an app, speaking with a cashier or the customer service desk person where you’re shopping, taking a look at your store receipt after you’ve finished shopping, calling the phone number that appears on your WIC card, and getting a printout at your local WIC office.

How Do I Access My WIC Account?

When you access your WIC account, you’ll not only gain this access, but you’ll also be able to find out what WIC benefits are available to you. How you can access your WIC account varies from state to state. However, there are two main ways to do it.

Accessing the Account Online

In some cases, you can access your WIC account online. For example, in the state of Maryland, you can set up a WIC account online at the website To set up this account, go to the website and click on “Sign Up,” Then follow the instructions provided.

After that, you’ll be able to log back into your WIC account online and find out what balance you have left for your benefits.

In the WIC online account in the state of Maryland, you can also get more information about your rights and responsibilities related to your benefits and how to dispute transactions. You’ll also be able to change your eWIC PIN.

To find out whether your state offers an online account where you can check your WIC benefits and complete other actions such as the ones we just covered, get in touch with your local state WIC office.

Accessing the Account on an App

Some states also make it possible to access your WIC account through an app. For WIC participants in New York state, for example, there’s the WIC2Go App. Through this mobile app, you can check your current benefit balance for the month as well as the expiration date.

Additionally, you can check the times and dates of your WIC appointments, scan items to see if they’re approved by WIC, and find out where WIC clinics and stores are.

To create an account for this app, you’ll need your date of birth, eWIC card number, zip code, and mailing address.

Mobile apps for accessing your WIC account and checking your benefits can be beneficial as you’ll get all the information you need right at your fingertips.

To find out if your state has an app for accessing your WIC account and checking your WIC benefits, get in touch with your local state WIC office.

How Can I Check My WIC Benefits?

In addition to sometimes being able to check your WIC benefits by accessing your WIC account online or on a mobile app, there are other ways you might be able to check your benefits, depending on which state you’re receiving your WIC benefits through.

Speaking With a Cashier or Customer Service Desk Person When You’re Shopping

When dealing with benefits programs such as WIC, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out your benefits and what you have left on your balance for the month before they expire. Fortunately, one way you might be able to check is by speaking with a cashier when you’re shopping.

If you ask the cashier to check your balance, they may be able to print it off for you. First, however, make sure that you’re at a store that sells WIC-approved food and takes your WIC card, so check before going into the store.

Your state might have a list of approved WIC stores, and if you have access to a WIC app, you might be able to find them on there, too.

Note that if the store has a customer service desk, one of the people working behind it might help you in the same way.

Taking a Look at Your Store Receipt After You’ve Finished Shopping

Another way to check your WIC benefits is to take a look at your store receipt after you’ve finished shopping. This might vary from state to state. For example, in Washington, once you receive your receipt, at the bottom, you’ll see which remaining benefits you have regarding specific food items and their weight.

For example, you might have 8 ounces left of whole grains, 13 ounces left of canned fish, 25.5 ounces of hot or cold cereal left to buy.

At the very bottom, just under the benefits, you have left, you’ll be able to see on what date your benefits expire.

To check how your benefits appear on your receipt in your state, contact your state’s WIC office.

As for ensuring that you don’t lose your receipt, store it in your wallet or your WIC ID and Card folder. Another option is to take a picture of the receipt with your phone and save it there.

Call the Phone Number That Appears on Your WIC Card

Another option is to call the phone number that appears on your WIC Card. You can find this number on the back. If you’re reading this article now, there’s no need to pull out your WIC Card because we’ve got the number here: 1-844-469-3264.

This is a toll-free number, so there’s no cost to call it.

Keep in mind that you must be prepared to have your WIC Card number on hand when you call this number.

Getting a Printout at Your Local WIC Office

Another way you can check your WIC benefits is by getting a printout at your local WIC office. In addition to providing you with this information, you can ask additional questions regarding benefits assistance. This is a good idea if you want additional information.

For example, if you’re asking the question, “What are WIC benefits?” you can get that question answered there.

To find out where you can find your local WIC office is, use this map provided by the Food and Nutrition Service within the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

How Do I Activate My WIC Card?

Considering that you buy your WIC benefits with your WIC card, you might be wondering how to activate your WIC card. This can vary from state to state. For example, in South Carolina, you have to call the number 1-855-279-0679 to connect you to their Customer Service line.

Then, you’ll both be able to activate your card and set your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

To set it up, you’ll need to provide the primary cardholder’s date of birth, zip code, and the 16-digit number of your WIC card.

To find out how to activate your WIC card in your state, check your state’s WIC website or give your state’s WIC office a call.

How Do I Use My Card Once It’s Activated?

Once you’ve activated your WIC card, there are some things you should do to ensure you’re using it properly. First of all, before stepping into a store, check to see if they accept WIC. After that, you can check at the store itself or look online, depending on what information your state provides.

As for the shopping process itself, this can vary from state to state. Here is some general guidance, but check with your state WIC office before following these guidelines to the letter.

Because you now know how to check your benefits, when you’re in the store, make sure you select food that meets the balance of the benefits you have.

Also, check that the products you’re buying with the card are WIC-approved.

Some stores might require you to separate your WIC purchases from your non-WIC purchases, so ask about this before you come in. It’s wise to do this anyway so you’ll have a better idea of how many WIC items you’re buying.

After the cashier scans your WIC items, use your WIC card before using any other card. Then, if you have a PIN, you’ll enter it. After this, you’ll approve the foods you bought with this card.

Finally, take back your card and ask for a receipt. Your receipt will show you both how much you bought and what balance is left.

The Power of WIC Benefits

In this article, we’ve answered the question, “How do I access my WIC account?” helping you understand how to access it online and with an app. We’ve also answered the question, “How can I check my WIC benefits?” so you have many ways of checking them.

We’ve also reviewed how to activate your WIC Card and how you can use it when you’re out shopping for WIC items.

With the WIC program, you and your family can access the nutritious food you need.

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